Pozos: Artists Breathe New Life Into Old Mining Town

While spending a week in San Miguel de Allende, a city in the Mexican highlands that I love, I heard stories of a nearby ghost town that has gained new footing as a haven for artists. My curiosity was piqued by local expats around town, mostly retired Americans now living in San Miguel, who told me that the former mining colony of Mineral de Pozos was being repopulated by a small num-ber of Mexicans, Europeans and Americans drawn to the city’s austere beauty, reasonable housing prices and serene, small town atmosphere. I was intrigued..


Celebrate Christmas holidays in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, part one SMA1Examiner 

Boasting year-round Spring-like temperatures, San Miguel provides visitors with a powerful mix of small town friendliness peppered with the cosmopolitan pleasures of a colonial Mexican city. Festivities begin on December 16 with the traditional “Las Posa-das." Church bells ring. Processions abound. Fireworks explode. Children swing at pinatas on the Plaza Princi-pal. Holiday rituals are reenacted outdoors as families and neighbors in traditional costumes march through the streets with caballeros on  horseback in the lead. It all comes to an end on January 17 with the seasonal Blessing of the Animals.

Celebrate Christmas holidays in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, part two SMA2Casa 

Famous since it first opened, Casa de Sierra Nevada has steadfastly maintained a tradition of colonial elegance. Located less than two blocks from the main square, the 37-room boutique hotel is a mixture of 16th to 18th century Spanish colonial buildings. Centered around town in six palatial mansions, a stay here feels more like being in a beautifully appointed his-toric apartment. This spring, the hotel opened a new downtown Art Gal-lery featuring acclaimed local artists.

After Dark: Oaxaca Nightlife


From cool and classy to centuries-old and tradditional, Oaxaca never fails to entertain. Whether it's sassy and sultry, simmering and sensuality or slow and easy with a soothing after dinner drink, Oaxaca nightlife serves up a full buffet of choice for everyone's taste buds. Depending on the level of euphoria sought, patrons can relax to the mellow rhythms of marimba sonatas or get their goove going with hot and fiery salsa dancing until the wee hours. The night is always young for those who care to embrace what the locals call la vida nochturna. Here are some of the options:.

Oaxaca: A collage of culture and cuisine come together in this often overlooked gem Oaxaca1Epicurean 

Oaxaca’s appeal is so fundamental it’s a wonder this southern state of Mexico and its mile-high capital, Oaxa-ca [pronounced wah-HA-ka] City, are not more traveled. Blessed with year-round temperate climate, nearby archeological ruins, distinctive cuisine and magnificent artisan handicrafts, the 16th century settlement nestles in a temperate highland valley and enjoys year-round abundant sunshine. Oaxaca’s zocalo, its central open-air plaza, radiates the warmth of its people. Amid a hubbub of surrounding bustle and activity there is a friendly welcoming calm.

Riviera Maya Chef wins Mexico's "Chef of the Year" Award RivieraMayaChef 

Chef Xavier Perez Stone of Riviera Maya’s Grand Velas Resort has been crowned Mexico’s “Chef of the Year” in a recent blind tasting at the prestigious 11th Annual Ali-mentaria Expo culinary competition. His winning entrée, a black-skin trout and pineapple-colored shrimp dish, wowed the judges with its flavor, preparation and presentation. Chef Perez Stone oversees the Grand Velas Resort’s award-winning Covina de Autor Restaurant, one of seven in this ultra-luxurious vacation destination on the white sand shores of Playa del Carmen.

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